About Us

Full-Service Interior Design

Design Works Interiors is a full-service Interior Design firm founded by Susan Nicholson in 1994 in Florida and relocated to Arizona in 1999. Design Works Interiors works with a select team of talented craftsmen and subcontractors to provide you with custom window treatments, painting and finishes, flooring, cabinetry as well as magnificent furnishings and accessories.

Susan’s objective with Design Works Interiors is to supply her clients with exceptional design services, creative solutions to design issues and attention to detail.  For this reason, she purposely keeps the firm small so that her selected clients get her personal attention.  You will always see Susan on the job site.  


Along with a commitment to exceptional design, Susan Nicholson is committed to her profession.  She is a professional member of the American Society of Interior Design (ASID).  She is certified by the National Council of Interior Design Qualification.  Design Works Interiors maintains a commercial and residential specialty contractor’s license in Arizona.  SN has served the Design Industry as Director of Professional Development for both the American Society of Interior Designers and the International Interior Design Association and also as Financial Director for ASID.  


She has received ASID’s Presidential Citation for Outstanding Leadership and Dedication as well as the Arizona North Chapters Award for Exceptional Service.  Design Works Interiors has also won first place awards for model homes and residential interiors and the Aurora Award from the seven state Southeast Home Builders’ Association.  She has been a judge for numerous design competitions and served as a juror for the National Council of Interior Design Qualification.  


Her published writings include design articles such as Model Merchandising – Fact or Fiction , Delicious Ideas for Kitchen Design, The Art and Science of Windows and A Recipe for Design Feng Shui.

Our Services

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Consultation, Programming and Design Development

Consultation, Programming and Design Development After listening to your ideas and learning more about what you want in a home or in your business, Design Works Interiors will develop a design direction for your review and approval.  Nothing is more important than making sure the interior complements your taste and needs.  Working with you to achieve the home of your dreams is our goal.

Space Planning and Floor Plan Review

Space planning and floor plan review.  We will review your floor plan to insure it meets your needs and objectives.  Consideration of traffic patterns and the efficient use of space at the beginning stage of a project will help insure you that the finished home will meet your needs.    

Finish Selections

Finish selections throughout the interior and exterior including flooring, plumbing fixtures, doors, hardware, wall finishes, decorative finishes and millwork.  These will include specialty accent items to help give you that one of a kind interior you desire.